Perhaps you landed too hard while jumping to catch hold of the ball or playing your favorite volleyball shot. Maybe you twisted your foot when you mistakenly stepped inside a hole. Now, you have joined the club of people which help to Heal Your Sprained Ankle Faster With CBG

Such injury occurs whenever there is tearing of the ligaments inside your ankle or if it gets overstretched. Ligaments are the tough, stretchy bands which assist to keep your ankle well balanced. They also clutch your ankle bones together and at the same time let your ankle to move. If there is an excess of movement, it can also result in a sprain.
Sprain frequently occur externally on the ankle as you “roll” the foot. This leads to the outer ligament of the ankle to pull itself more than it actually can. There is a greater possibility for a sprain in the ankle if it happened before. Still, it is more likely, if your muscles are weak near the outside of your ankles. Moreover, genetics also factors in spraining your ankle. It is very convenient to curve your ankle and place strain upon the ligament when your heel turns normally more inward. This is called “hindfoot varus” where your hindfoot gets malaligned.

How Do You Know That You Have A Sprained Ankle

CBG for Sprained Ankle
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A very obvious symptom of ankle sprain would be that it will always hurt. Besides, other associated manifestations also occur when you get a sprained ankle which are:

If there is a severe tear within the ligaments, you will experience a pop or a noise the very moment the injury occurs.

An ankle sprain normally disappears by itself and heals completely within two to twelve weeks after it gets injured. But if the pain remains persistent and troublesome, more so when you place weight upon the damaged ankle, it’s a better idea to take a trip to the doctor. Besides, seeing your level of damage your doctor will in all likelihood, place your strain at one among the 3 Ankle sprain grades depending on the damage level.

Therapeutic Option Of CBG (Cannabigerol)

The less famous but greater in potential cannabinoid compound CBG has shown itself as a potential healing agent. The therapeutic benefits of CBG have been very promising from acting as a powerful vasodilator, neuroprotectant, protecting neurons, to its anti-swelling, antimicrobial and also antibacterial action.

In addition, CBG like CBD is anti-psychoactive and does not generate a high when ingested. CBG’s lesser popularity is due to it’s less presence in many cannabis strains. This is due to CBG being the non-acidic version of CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid) which is, in fact, the mother cannabinoid from whom various cannabinoids evolve.

CBG Works Well In Ankle Sprains

CBG for Sprained Ankle
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The potential of CBG to produce vast effects on our body mechanism is due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid set up within our body. These are some of the ways in which it facilitates recovery from sprains.

Promotes Bone Healing

If your ankle sprain caused any broken bone, CBG ensures bone growth and can also heal bone fractures quickly. This was revealed by a study conducted in 2007 where the impact of CBG and various cannabinoids on cultures of bone marrow were examined. The results disclosed that CBG can trigger stem cells of the bone marrow indirectly by impacting the receptor CB2. This indicates that CBG can assist in healing fractures of bone by supporting new bone development and formation.

Alleviates Pain And Brings Relief

CBG has among various cannabinoids revealed it’s potential to reduce pain due to various causes such as from multiple sclerosis and even cancer. Further, studies have revealed that these plant-based compounds can be integrated with different pharmaceuticals for pain moderation. This makes it effective in treating ankle sprains and various types of tissue injury.

As a powerful neuroprotectant, CBG is better equipped to treat any neuropathic pain. Besides, by raising the levels of anandamide in your system, which is a natural cannabinoid that regulates biological functions such as pain sensation and sleep, CBG can counter susceptibility to pain.

Lowers Inflammation

Loaded with both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBG and various phytocannabinoids can as hinted by extensive studies be useful in lowering inflammation. It can subside the swelling caused by ankle sprains due to its strong anti-inflammatory nature, which has been revealed in it’s potential to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). CBG can decrease inflammation by targeting particular molecules that cause inflammation which includes pain syndromes, IBD or even cancer.

Scales Down Muscle Tension

An effect that CBG shows on our brain is of inhibiting GABA uptake. GABA comprises a brain chemical which ascertains the amount of stimulation required by a neuron to bring a reaction. When GABA is restrained, it can lower the anxiety and tension of the muscles. An ankle injury that is causing muscle spasms and numbness can be easily regulated by CBG due to it’s anticonvulsant and muscle calmative properties.

Augments Fluid Drainage

This attribute of CBG makes it beneficial in treating glaucoma, as it raises the drainage of fluid within the eye and decreases intraocular pressure. We have seen that in an ankle injury and sprains a RICE(Rest Ice Compression Elevation) approach is applied. In the elevation process, you raise the ankle to or beyond the heart level so as to arrest your swelling, reduce bruising and allow fluid drainage from your ankle. CBG can facilitate the process of such fluid drainage in the ankle and heals swelling that results from fluid deposits in the tissue.

Conclusion On CBG for Sprained Ankle

CBG has a huge potential to become an integral part of the vast medicinal benefits that plant compounds offer. Moreover, with the progress in cannabis research, CBG will emerge among the cannabinoids that can have a wide range of therapeutic use.

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