Eye Styes is a harmless but inflammatory condition which is associated with the eyelid. It is caused by the bacteria known as Staphylococcus. This condition is usually not for concern but it can be very uncomfortable and painful. In Eye, Styes lump is developed which looks like a pimple and it appears outside of the eyelid or inside the eyelid. Within one week or more this styes turn yellow and releases pus. Sometimes dead skin of the eye is trapped around the eyelid which can also develop Eye Styes.

Today in this article you will read about some causes and symptoms related to Eye Styes. I will also tell you some simple treatment options that can help in treating Eye Styes.

What causes Eye Styes?

CBD In Eye Styes
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There are different conditions that can lead to Eye Styes. Usually, it is caused by the bacteria known as Staphylococcus. This bacteria lives around your eyelid and when the number of bacteria increases it form Eye Styes. That skin that shed from eye gets accumulated around the eyelid which can also form Eye Styes. Eye Styes are contagious and they usually heal on their own.

What are the symptoms of Eye Styes?

CBD In Eye Styes
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The first sign of eye styes is pain and redness. Once the styes are fully developed you will swell eye or entire eyelid is swollen.

  1. Lump on the eyelid
  2. Redness and tenderness around the eye
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Itchiness around the eye
  5. Mucus discharge from the eye
  6. Discomfort while blinking
  7. Sensitive to light

Get rid of styes with these simple tips

As you know Eye Styes are harmless and they heal on their own but with the given tips you can heal it and prevent yourself from Eye Styes.

Clean your Eyelids

Cleaning your eyelids will remove the trapped dead skin from eyelids which causes styes. You can use baby soap or warm water to clean your eyelids.

Regularly wash your hands

Before touch, your eye early morning or touching styes wash your hands. Don’t use shared towels to dry your face.

Don’t use makeup

When you are suffering from eye styes it’s better to pause your makeup. Makeup decreases the healing process.

Avoid contact lens

In states contact lens can cause uncomfortable vision, you will also feel trouble while blinking the eye.

Use a tea bag or washcloth

Keeping tea bag over the eyelids will ease the pain and soreness. If you are not comfortable with tea bag you can use a washcloth soaked in water.

Don’t pop up styes

Styes are very much similar to pimples, if you pop them up it will spread again. Just use a tea bag or a washcloth it will automatically open up the styes.

Eye Surgery

If styes take chronic form then eye surgery is the only option to remove the styes.

Ease the symptoms by using CBD In Eye Styes

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CBD is a natural chemical compound which is used for treating a number of medical conditions. Before I tell you more about the role of CBD in styes let’s dive deep into CBD.

CBD or Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound which is found in the flowers of the hemp plant. CBD is extracted from these flowers through different processes such as CO2 Extraction, Olive Oil extraction, Dry Ice Extraction, and Ethanol Extraction method. The extracted CBD is rich and pure, it has zero strain of THC which makes it completely non-psychoactive in nature. CBD is obtained in different forms such as Isolate, Tincture, Oil, and wax. When you are suffering from Styes you can use CBD to reduce pain, inflammation, and tenderness. CBD is rich in anti-pain and anti-inflammation property because of which it eases the symptoms of eye styes.

Final words on CBD In Eye Styes

Eye Styes are a completely harmless condition in which bump is formed over the eyelids. Eye Styes can cause uncomfortable blinking, irritation and eye pain. To prevent yourself from styes you should wash your eye and hands because the bacteria that causes eye styes are very contagious. You should stay away from the infected person and don’t share a towel or other cloth with them.

In this article, I have covered all the essential information related to Eye Styes and its prevention. If you have any other treatment option then please leave them in the comment section.

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